Bouncy shapes After Effects Tutorial (funnel magic fun)

If you like to create a bouncing shapes animation. This tutorial will get you there. I explain how I create a bouncy animation with keyframes. I share how I’ve created the “funnel magic” animation. I walk you through my animation step by step. At the end you would be able tor create a similar animation.

To follow my tutorial I recommend you have Adobe After Effects and Illustrator. The shapes we’ll create in Illustrator, which we’ll import in After Effects.

I hope you like my tutorial. If so, please give me a thumbs up. And leave me a question in the comments below if you have any. I will try to answers it as good as I can.

After Effects – Film Burns Tutorial

A quick tutorial how to make film burns yourself in Adobe After Effects.
There are many places you can buy film burn transition footage. But it’s a easy and quick think you can do yourself.

Rough, vintage, old style looking text animation: After Effects Tutorial

Here I show you in a tutorial how to create a rough text animation in Adobe After Effects CS6.
It’s a rough text animation which has a old style look and feel from old vintage movies.
I applied two effects, the roughen edges and the simple choker effect from the standard After Effects effect library.
You don’t need third party plugins. And to make it wiggling I applied a simple wiggle expression on top of is.

Merge Path Animation with After Effects Tutorial

If you haven’t worked with „Merge Path“ in shape layers, this tutorial is for you. In this tutorial I explain you the functionality of the „Merge Path“ within the shape layers.
You can see what’s possible with the merge path function and how to nest more the one shape in one over all shape. It’s a great way to reduce the layers shown in the timeline.

To see how it could look like, check out my teaser:

I hope you like this tutorial. If so I would appreciate if you give it a thumbs up. Thank you.

Easy resize combined shapes in After Effects – Tutorial

Resize combined shapes and steer them over a control layer.

Always wondered how to resize combined shapes in After Effects. With this small tutorial I explain you how you can create combined shape layers and resize them using expression.

You can use them for lower thirds, intros, info boxes and more.

The Grizzly is alive

The Grizzly - Harley-Davidson Fatboy LoAfter a long journey my Harley-Davidson Fatboy finally is finish and ready to ride. A lot was done to fulfil my dream.

The customisation is documented in a few video which you can find on my Youtube channel. Check out my Harley Playlist.

Simple text animation „reveal and vanish“ in Adobe After Effects CS6 Tutorial/Quick Tipp

Hi, here I like to show you a simple text animation using the text animation property „opacity“ in Adobe After Effects CS6.

I hope it’s useful for you.

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Harley-Davidson Fatboy Build Day Two Timelapse

Today is the second day of Harley-Davidson Fatboy Lo custom build.
All parts have arrived. But as always, time is not our friend. Meaning. We ware not able to finish the build today.

Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy the ride.

Today it was almost a Ronald Sands Design day. Most of the part we have mounted are from Roland Sands (RSD).
Rockerbox, clutch cover and air cleaner cover form the clarity line, back fender, shift levers, passenger foot pegs, riser mounts an many more parts from RSD have been mounted today. Beside the we finished all the electrics. Now only a few steps are left open to finalise the custom build.

Goal is to finish the build by end of April. Lets see if we can hold the deadline.

Stay tuned for more footage of the build.

Harley-Davidson Fatboy Build Day One Timelapse

Today we have started the custom build of my Harley-Davidson Fatboy Lo.
A few parts have arrived so that we were able to kick off the actual build.
Parts we have mounted are: Front forks with light and covers, all black powder coated. Front and back wheel in which the rims and hubs are black powder coated as well.
We mounted a dummy handlebar to check the size for the real one which we can order now.
A few Roland Sands Design part have been mounted as well. This is the cam cover of the clarity line, risers, shifter pegs and some fender struts.
The open belt drive we have mounted as well.

More will come as soon we have more parts here.

Harley Davidson Fatboy Dismounting Timelapse